Datuk Dr. Maznah Hamid is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Securiforce Group. Over a period of thirty years, she has successfully developed her company to become one of the largest total security solutions service providers in Malaysia. The company now operates nearly 65 branches with a total of more than 5,000 employees locally and abroad. The services are not only limited to static guard but also spans to logistic and supply chain management, cash-in-transit, cash management, armored trucking service, as well as numerous other services. Securiforce provides a complete ONE STOP INTERGRATED SECURITY SOLUTIONS SERVICE PROVIDER for many multinational manufacturing companies, Government agencies and many other private agencies.
Through Datuk Dr. Maznah sheer dedication and management ability, Securiforce has also developed and
diversified into many subsidiary companies, all growing from strength to strength. One such example is
Danau Lumayan, a Property Development Company situated at Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras. Danau Lumayan builds and sells exclusive condominiums, penthouses, buildings  - (offices / shop lots).
Securiforce Group has also expanded their services to our valued customer by offering a Global Logistics and Supply Chain Services with the establishment of Securiforce Logistics which the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and operating their owned oversea offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey .The company also have registered his representative offices in Philippines, Germany, United kingdom and United States of America. Datuk Dr. Maznah also has the vision to have collaboration with few potential partners in Middle East, Europe and USA to enhance our logistics services at the respective country.

Datuk Dr.  Maznah’s success is unique as it was achieved without the aid of banking institutions. Her philosophy of success and achievement is based on her motto that “The main capital in business is you“.

As a result of her sheer dedication and management ability, Securiforce has now developed and diversified into many subsidiary companies, thriving from strength to strength. She believes firmly in the principle that “we should produce a workload that is worth than what we are paid for, as in the end, we will be rewarded with much more than what we have done”. This can be demonstrated by the fact that despite being a career woman, she is a hands on person and a dedicated mother of five and above all supportive wife.

For her outstanding leadership qualities and distinguished entrepreneurship, she was invited to introduce the motivational programme at TV3 in 1990, where she was made Motivational Counsellor and Success Counsellor at both RTM and TV3. Hence, we quite often hear her familiar voice over the radio, and see her appearances on television.

She was also a Motivational Counselor of Human Development, Business Development and a Success Counselor at several institutes of higher learning. Her endurance, ’guts feeling’, ’persistency’ and ‘sustaining power’ become her most prized asset. She continuously tries to instill those strengths through her ”ZERO TO HERO” seminar and “AWAKEN THE SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP / INTRAPRENEURSHIP”.

Through this seminar, she hopes to awaken and empower the entrepreneurship spirit within every individual. This spirit, she believed is essential in every human being regardless whether they are working for people or having a business of their own. Every human being is born with limitless potentials, yet most of these potentials are left untapped until the day they die. Her personal belief that we are all gifted with talents and abilities from GOD to do great things. It is our duty and responsibility, therefore, to be THE BEST that we can be.

Due to her deep interest in human development, she created MMC, Maznah Motivational Centre, which conducts seminars on business and human development.

She has also published a motivation book ‘Chasing Your Wealth, Health and Happiness’ in Malay and Mandarin based on her experiences, principles and practices as an entrepreneur and motivational mentor. Women should have it all. 

Commensurate with her leadership status and achievements, Datuk Dr. Maznah also holds responsible positions in the government and in numerous universities, companies and organizations. In politics, she is an Exco for Member of Women Wing, UMNO Malaysia and Head of Women Wing, UMNO Kedah.

A lady with a striving, magnetic personality, Datuk Dr. Maznah‘s courage in facing risks and accepting challenges has places her a role model of successful entrepreneur who is widely admired and respected.


Her Principles :



Man For The Job

Is A



“Be Strong,

Be Dynamic,

Be Positive,

Be Yourself,

Be The Person

You Were Meant To Be!”