SECURIFORCE was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 on 27 September 1980. Through a carefully planned expansion program, SECURIFORCE has undergone phenomenal growth.

Today, apart from being a service provider for the traditional statistic guarding and “Cash-in-Transit” services, SECURIFORCE has also successfully expanded its operations into the more specialized services, such as providing secured overland transportation, vaulting / security storage / warehousing / logistics / freight forwarding (including ground-to-air and air-to-ground services) to meet the needs of exporters and importers.


Throughout her over 30-years history, the Company has earned the reputation of being a reliable provider of security services, gaining the trust and confidence of a broad range of commercial organizations extensively across the country most notably for banks and other financial institutions, government agencies, retail chain outlets and other commercial entities.

The Company’s venture into Logistics Service vis-a-vis ground-to-air and air-to-ground services has now enabled SECURIFORCE to have branch offices outside Malaysia. The Company currently has two branch offices in Singapore and Bangkok. Plans to open more branches abroad is in the pipeline.

SECURIFORCE is now served by a network of 60 branches employing more than 4000 personnel and backed by a fleet of more than 600 armored and soft skin vehicles including trucks, prime movers and containers.

SECURIFORCE SDN BHD (commonly referred to as SECURIFORCE) is principally engaged as a provider of a comprehensive range of security services in Malaysia.



Our primary mission is to bring Securiforce to the forefront as a leading and innovative security company which provides value-added services tailored to meet the varying needs of our customers. We are committed to be a most customer-friendly integrated one-stop centre for all types of quality security services required where providing customer satisfaction will be our top priority.



Our security personnel comprise of a carefully selected group of staff who has been adequately screened by the police and trained before they are allowed to take on the job. These highly disciplined personnel will be deployed at any given location as required by the customers with the primary objective of ensuring security at the guarded premises / location.

  • Armed Static Guarding
  • Unarmed Static Guarding
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Patrolling


This entails the provision of secured movement of cash or valuables from one point to another via SECURIFORCEs fleet of bulletproof armoured vehicles. Each member of out CIT team is specially selected and required to undergo special courses on our stringent operation procedures including the proper use / handling of fire arms. Our armoured vehicles are radio equipped for our CIT personnel to be in constant communication with our SECURIFORCE Operation Centre to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of operation.

  • Delivery Point to Point
  • Cash Break-bulk services


The provision of electronic security surveillance system by SECURIFORCE such as the installation of COW cameras. Central klonitonng Systems. Electronic Card Access System etc . are geared towards preventing Of detecting any untoward intrusion to our customer’s premises. All our electronic security systems come with a long term maintenance servicing program This is basically to ensure that all security systems suppltel by us ale in optional working condition at all times.


SECURIFORCE owns a heel of armoured trucks for inc safe and secure transportationot valuable goods from one point to another. These armoured vehicles ply regional routes between Singapore and Malaysia all year round. Apart from this, we also provide pick-up and delivery service of valuables from clients’ premises to airports or vice versa. The service Is generally popular among Multi-National Companies especially those producing microchips and Semiconductors for export.

SECURIFORCE also ensured that stringent monitoring system round the clock are employed to laminate a comprehensive. real-time tracking and confirmation on the exact location of vehicles -24 hours a day. 365 days a year.


Securiforce Logistics is committed to provide to our customers uninterrupted business operations Through the integration ot superior air. ocean and ground transportation capabilities using innovative systems and processes.

In its continuing effort to become a fully interpreted security and total solution provider to meet customers needs. SECURIFORCE now provides sea and air freight forwarding services. These services are complemented by its armoured trucking service worlung hand-in-hand in handling the needs of as large international corporate clients to deliver their consignment of delicate and costly items to destinations overseas.


Our vaults are built in accordance with Bank Negara’s stringent security specifications ideal for the safekeeping of valuables, cash, gold, silver and any other priceless items prior to their transfer to final destination the following day(s). This facility is available round the clock throughout the year, including public holidays.


  • Coin / Cash Management Services
  • High Tech Cargo management
  • Internet Based Solution & Software Management
  • ATM Replenishment Services
  • Other Banking Support Services